We arrived in Barcelona on Saturday night, August 19, after 26 hours of travel from New York that included a missed connection and a long wait in Miami, a peaceful 3 hour ride on the AVE train from Madrid and several taxis, as well as a few long slogs through the airports and train stations.  But we are here!

OK, sadly our bags were not as lucky.  American Airlines decided to keep them in Miami for a while longer.  At least Benji’s and Mimi’s  (and Ibby’s and Brook’s for a few days).  But happily, for the first time ever we purchased travel insurance, so we’ve been out shopping for all of the “necessaries” that the policy covers.


3 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. I love the photo of B. Newland below. Seville nudist society? Roman baths? Insurance didn’t cover your clothes replacement? So many fascinating alternatives.


    1. I am naturalista now. And if you Puritans think it’s “offensive” or “inappropriate,” well (to quote the Dude) that’s just like, your opinion, man. We Europeans are cool with the human body.


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